The Islamic Social Services and Resources Association developed out of the practical needs of the Muslim Community in Metro Toronto and vicinity. With the evolution of the Jami Mosque in the eighties from a small local house of worship into an all purpose Islamic Centre serving thousands of Muslims from all over the planet, Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick, the former director of the Jami Maosque was overwhelmed with a myriad of problems in the areas of immigration, medicine, social work, psychiatry, law enforcement, housing, financing as well as religion and the family. A core of dedicated Muslim professionals came forward to assist the community in any way possible. The main inspiration was “caring for humanity and seeking the pleasure of Allah”

In 1990, after serveral community members and service providers were brought together to discuss the rapidly changing needs of the communtiy, there emerged a clear consensus that an organized response was needed to address the challenge. In the summer of that same year, I.S.S.R.A. became incorporated as a non-profit organization.

I.S.S.R.A. is a non-profit organization committed to serving individuals, families and communities who are vulnerable, in distress and lack access to other services because of obstacles of culture, language, race, poverty, gender, or other barriers.

I.S.S.R.A.’s quiet, yet vital work has progressed continuously for the past five years through the generous donations of the Muslim community and the selfless efforts of its volunteers. Hundreds of families have received urgent counselling in their time of crisis. In 1995, I.S.S.R.A. was granted “Charitable Status” by the Federal Government. This has enabled more interested individuals to contribute. Muslims and people of conscience should never forget, however, that caring for the poor and the vulnerable in our society is the duty of all able-bodied citizens. We pray that Almighty God, Allah will shower His blessings on all who give their time or wealth to this noble cause.